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There are hundreds, probably even thousands, of gurus, trainers, speakers and coaches doing pretty well in the fields of personal and business development.

And they each have their own special brand of solutions, products, processes and systems that they want to share with their customers – and get them to be equally successful.

That’s great and yet…

How come these solutions, etc. are all different? And, if we’re looking for improvement in any (or even several!) areas of our lives, how do we know which one or ones of these solutions are likely to work for us?

In the past the short answer has been:

We don’t, until we invest however many $s or £s and our time and effort and find out for ourselves.

Yet there is a common denominator

You know the number one biggest influence that all successful people, whatever field they’re in, agree on?

It’s not our circumstances – where we were born or who we were born to – because if that were true we’d back a Branson to make it and never expect an Oprah to pass the starting post!

It’s not our IQ – there are probably thousands if not hundreds of thousands very bright academics around the world who are living on a shoe string, waiting for a big break to become a ‘name’ in their chosen field.

It’s our attitude.

And knowing that is great news!

Because our attitude, unlike the circumstances we were born into and the IQ that came with us, is something that is totally within our power to choose. We can try it on, play with it and change it at the drop of a hat!

All we have to do is decide to and follow up on that decision.

There’s no point in repeating the info here that’s on the About Linda page – you can nip over there if you want background on how a non-personal-development-guru found her way to this place…  :-)

Over the years, as I read up on and listened to what the gurus and so on were saying I realised there are certain things we can do that don’t involve affirmations, mantras, listening over and over to subliminal tapes or MP3s.

Yes, those activities might make a difference over time – though I’m really not sure about affirmations because, to me that’s like trying to kid ourselves!

What many people want are improvements that they can envisage happening in their lives and they want tools that are easy to use and produce quick results to help them.

I discovered that such tools do exist but I found them hiding all over the place from many people, processes, programs and so on!

So I figured I’d go through all my notes from past years and filch out 52: One a week sounded good to me… then I got a bit carried away… and it became 101 and I thought: “Whoa! Better stop now”  :-) and ran the content past a friend.

“Good but no support info on each tool” was her feedback.

So I went back to the drawing board and added in what I now realised was missing. Then I sent out my little sprog to a couple more smart and very “unfluffy” friends to get their reaction to the 101 Little Miracle Tools ebook that now included:

  • Tools to help you with Having Fun and Choosing to be Happy
  • Tools to help you with Self Understanding and Growth
  • Tools to help you with Success
  • Tools to help you dealing with Money
  • Tools to help you deal with Protecting Yourself from You and Others
  • Tools to help you deal with Self Value
  • A tool to promote a Do It Now attitude

…And got unfluffy and happily, very positive responses! :-)

“On the subject of value, I should point out that you couldn’t really be getting better value than with this book – if you were to add up the cost of reading all the material that Linda has digested to get to these nuggets, you’d be talking hundreds of pounds – with this, you are getting all that value for only £4.99.”

And a snippet from another reviewer:

“This little book of big tools will save you the trouble of searching the internet for some valuable tips.  Linda’s been collecting and filtering for some years, so this is the trimmed down set with some fun thoughts about why they make sense.

If we all activated these tools, good things would be drawn to us and bad things would bounce off us and we’d probably all be a lot happier for it…”

This book was an absolute joy to create and I found myself incorporating the tools into my life as I selected them and included them in the book. You don’t need external guidance or to develop special skills to use these ‘tools’ – your own commonsense will guide you just fine!

Just press the get now button to own your very own copy right now!

And I’d love your feedback… :-)