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Why I have been quiet…

September 6, 2011 · 0 comments

womans shoes

Well I have been busy blogging elsewhere and you can check them out here:

Calendar Girls – The true story of Calendar Girls that hit the movie screens in 2003 has become almost a British institution – as a brilliant example of one of those batty endeavours that only we could somehow manage to take from a completely outlandish idea, embrace it wholeheartedly and turn it into a runaway, stonking success! And it’s essentially about the collaboration of a bunch of women to achieve a ‘higher good’…

And over at Small Business Training I have posted about Late Payments – How vulnerable is your business to late payments and non payments of bills because you don’t have your own house in order? It’s bad enough having to chase late payments from those who’ve received your products or services and are deliberately avoiding contact with you; having to do it because of sloppiness in your own organization that you’ve allowed to seep in is not far short of criminal. Especially when you realize that more companies go out of business through cash flow problems than for any other reason…

I also posted about recruiting the right person – That may well be the case amongst some younger people wishing to join the workforce but I don’t believe it’s anywhere near the whole story… and anyway what about all those qualified and experienced mature people who are looking for work?

And I also reviewed  The 30 Day SEO challenge:  We’re introduced to a couple more tools and, towards the end of the fourth week learn why giving away something for free is so powerful, and in ways more ways than I would have thought…

What have you been up to?



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